Orchestra and Band Programs


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Any program can be designed to meet your group’s needs by selecting program componants and planning program logistics (listed above). The following 4 Educational Programs have been developed and implemented successfully by a variety of groups.  Click to see these programs described in detail.


M.A.P. Music Appreciation Program


•   Multi-Cultural Music


The Freedom 2 Create Program


•   Exploring Improvisational Concepts

•   Orchestra and Band

•   Music Creation


Songs of Change Program


•   Positive Change through Music

•   Orchestra and Band

•   Vocal and Chorus


Vocal Expressions Program: Creation Song and Creation Improvisation


•   Vocal and Chorus








Overview: Program Components



   Jo is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, composer and orchestrator of integrated arts experiences. He plays drums, hand percussion, electric bass, piccolo bass, and keyboards. Along with many talented local musicians, joining Jo as guest artists,  Jo hires choreographers to incorporate dance into workshops and student performances. Expect high energy, interactive, feel-good concert assemblies with lots of audience participation tailored to the needs of elementary, middle school, high school, college or special-needs students. Jo’s assemblies and hands-on workshops will have everyone involved!


Jo has a wide range of experience in arts education programming. He has worked with students of all ages and in many settings. In addition to his experience integrating into the school day programs of schools all over, he has years of experience running summer arts camps as well as after-school programs for at-risk students.


Hands On Workshops


These workshops can include any number of these elements. For more detailed program samples see programs tabs above.


Percussion — Musical journeys created that can range from no experience required to arrangements for advanced school bands, reflecting varied cultures, especially those from and influenced by African origins.


Movement — Dances choreographed from traditional dances of Senegal, Guinea, and Ghana to the varied American dance forms influenced by them.   


Chorus —Moving vocal journeys into the history of traditional and contemporary song forms, including many classic and contemporary song forms.


Poetry and Rhythm — Writing songs and poetry set to original music and sound effects.   


Drum Circles — Chants, rhythms and beats from African, done in the community circle style of traditional African drumming.   


Contemporary Keyboard, Electric Bass and Electric Guitar Clinics — arrangements provided.



Concert Performances Interactive Family Concerts


For a variety of community events or Festivals the Two-Man Trio,is available to entertain. Watch while Jo simultaneously plays the electric bass and keyboards, with a drummer accompanying him. This is phenomenal and must be seen.



Professional Development


•   Improvisation and Composition


•   Any of my school programs, usually done for students, can become an informative and enjoyable professional development workshop or series for your staff;


•   Musicality in the Classroom


From transitioning between activities to hands on academic learning, music can bring learning to life and keep students focused! Explore how to weave in simple to use musical habits and activities to your classroom instruction with Jo Sallins. Activities will include;

-   The Students as an Audience

-   Everyone is Famous! Exploring your own talents and the diamonds of your community.

-   The Classroom is an Instrument

-   Song Writing for Learning EVERYTHING!




Abdou Sarr dancer, Jo Sallins and students on hand drums.






Program Logistics



Concert Performances



•   Are one hour (can be adapted if necessary)

•   Require about 16’ x 20’ performance space (cafeteria, stage, gym, outdoors).

•   Set up time is one hour.

•   Jo will bring a sound system, unless you have a good in-house system.
•   Allow 15 minutes between performances.
•   No audience limit (check with your fire marshall)


Hands On Workshops


•   Are one hour (can be adapted if necessary)   

•   Require about 16’ x 20’ performance space (cafeteria, stage, gym,. outdoors).   

•   Needs to be set up in same location as performance.   

•   Up to 70 students or faculty participants.   

•   (25) chairs.   

•   Allow 15 minutes between programs, if possible.   

•   Programs are loud! Consider the effects on neighboring classrooms.

•   Additional artists may mean simultaneous workshops are possible.




See specific EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS for details.