Music Appreciation Program
(M.A.P)  ~Multi Cultural Music Through Percussion~



 JO AND STUDENTS at Van Sickle Middle School









   “Creating music is the organization of sound. Musical instruments do not create music. The instruments are merely thought amplifiers for the music that is within each of us. We Create the music.” My educational program, “M.A.P.” offers the choice of two formats: concerts and workshops. The concerts can stand alone as school assemblies or be enhanced by scheduling hands-on student workshops prior to the assemblies and incorporating those workshop students into the performance for their peers. Workshops may also follow the assemblies.



Elements of the Concert Program


The multi-cultural assembly program allows the students and faculty to experience rhythms linking the traditions of Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and America. These concerts whether a solo performance or with guest ensemble artists are very high energy, enjoyable presentations with highly skilled musicians. The mostly musical program usually lasts one hour and involves audience participation with songs, clapping and call and response charts. At least one group of workshop participants or audience members perform in the show. At the end of the show there is a question and answer period. 



Elements of the Workshop Program


The workshop program allows a group of participants (up to 40!!) have their hands on their very own instrument and become a part of an ensemble. Participants are taken on a journey from percussion basics like hand positioning, sound techniques and warm ups to learning a part in a complicated cultural masterpiece fit for a concert hall! This experience is appropriate for all groupings and can be combined with the concert program for a truly magnificent music appreciation experience. “Some of my favorite memories are of workshops with students with special needs. Music reaches them and releases them, offering them a chance to shine and give them a feel for their abilities to create art.”  -Jo Sallins








   “A 5th grade student in our afterschool program was having difficulty engaging in our program activities. He was resistant and often sat back as an observer and would turn down any invitation to join in. In conversations with both the English teacher and classroom teacher it was shared that his engagement in any school related activities was similar to what we were observing. We continued to problem solve and try various strategies to engage him. He made some initiative but did not sustain his involvement.


One day the English teacher came to me to share her observation of this student during her class, which happens to be next door to the room where Middle School students receive their percussion lessons with Jo Sallins. She observed him tapping to the music, he began to share with his teacher that he loves the drums and wants to learn how to play his family’s favorite music, Salsa. Shortly after this discovery, we began to offer drumming with Middle School mentors as part of our afterschool program choices. Our ‘unengaged 5th grader’ became fully engaged, not only in the drumming activities but also in other aspects of his school day. The positive influence Jo Sallins and his work had on this students is just one of many similar examples.”


Elisabeth Olivera, Zanetti Montessori School






The Music Appreciation Program is designed for all ages, all groups. Up to 40 participants can be accommodated. This program can be concert or workshop based. Or, combine both for a phenomenal experience.





M.A.P. Program Fees



# of Artists # of Workshops # of Performances Price ($)
Jo Solo

3 (45-60 min)

*add $100 for a break longer than 30 min between workshops

1 (45-60 min) Concert.

 *add $100 to bring Electric Bass + Keys

Jo Duo

3 (45-60 min)

* See above

1 (45-60 min) Concert.

* See above

Jo Trio

3 (45-60 min)

* See above

1 (45-60 min) Concert.

* See above




** Program Components, lengths, and fees are negotiable to fit the needs of the school group or program. *

Contact Jo Sallins for more in depth information! (413) 262-2950